MaritzCX eNVy Awards FAQ

Q. What is an eNVy award?

The eNVy awards recognize vehicles that have outperformed their competitors in terms of delivering on buyer wants according to the MaritzCX New Vehicle Customer Study (NVCS). NVCS collects and analyzes consumer feedback about vehicle experience, shopping and buying patterns, and feature preferences to provide consumer feedback to automotive manufacturers, tier suppliers, government agencies, think tanks, and tire manufacturers.

The awards are based on customer responses of their vehicles’ ability to deliver on the most common reasons for purchase: Comfort, Quality, Performance, Safety, and Cost of Ownership.

Q. What is the meaning of the name eNVy?

eNVy” is a play on words of the initials NV in the New Vehicle Customer Study, the study upon which the awards are based. We feel “eNVy” is a proper description of the award because the awarded vehicles have scored highest in their segment on a combined measure of most common customer purchase reasons.

Q. How is an eNVy award different from other automotive awards?

The eNVy award is based on 5 vehicle factors; comfort, quality, performance, safety, and ownership cost rather than single factor awards. The eNVys provide an overall vehicle picture based on feedback given by customers that own the vehicle. Owner driven feedback on multiple key factors is what provides the most detailed, actionable information possible and informs the eNVy awards.

Q How does a vehicle become eligible to win an eNVy award?

Currently, the eNVy awards only apply to vehicles sold in the United States. The criteria for a vehicle to win an award is to be ranked highest in its segment in 2018 on a combined measure of vehicle comfort, quality, performance, safety and ownership cost. This measure is weighted according to the importance of each of these attributes for each vehicle segment.

Q: How are the eNVy awards determined and how often are eNVy awards given out?

Award recipients are determined based on a full year of NVCS score responses from hundreds of thousands of buyers who purchased new 2018 model year vehicles.

The eNVy awards are based on new vehicle buyers’ independent feedback of verified vehicle owners via the NVCS. The final eNVy award scores were calculated using NVCS independent feedback and segment-specific importance weights. Only 2018 model year vehicles were included, and each vehicle required a minimum of 100 ratings to be included in the rankings.

The eNVy awards are an annual award, with the first-year being 2019 for 2018 model year vehicles based on the full year NVCS score responses.

Q: How are the MaritzCX eNVy awards and MaritzCX New Vehicle Customer Study connected?

The MaritzCX eNVy awards are based on the MaritzCX New Vehicle Customer Study (NVCS), the largest and longest running automotive buyer behavior consumer survey which has been running for 50 years. The study provides monthly consumer feedback about vehicle experience, shopping and buying patterns and purchase reasons.

Manufacturers use this information for vehicle planning and marketing activities. While the NVCS is consistently adapting to match technology and customer sophistication, mainstay measures of the NVCS include vehicle comfort, quality, performance, safety and ownership cost.

Q. Who is the MaritzCX New Vehicle Customer Study for?

Vehicle manufacturers and their teams. “Making manufacturing and marketing decisions alone without taking into account the current wants and attitudes of customers is like scuba diving without oxygen,” said Tim Englehart, MaritzCX vice president, Automotive. “You’re putting yourself at great risk when there is a practical solution. The ability to make decisions—informed by real, reliable, recent customer feedback—gives manufacturers the needed edge to successfully thrive in today’s transformative vehicle market.”

Q: What are the benefits of the MaritzCX New Vehicle Customer Study?

With over 250,000 domestic and 50,000 Canadian annual responses from buyers and lessees of approximately 325 car and truck models, automotive manufacturers and OEMs are able to cost-effectively leverage a massive amount of current and historical information from the long-standing study versus each conducting their own proprietary and costly research.

The 12.5 million responses captured in the new vehicle customer study over the last half century has revealed dramatic changes in purchase preference and vehicle preferences.

Q: How do I purchase the MaritzCX New Vehicle Customer Study?

All MaritzCX Syndicated studies and programs are available on a subscription basis. For more information please contact PJ Tue at or by phone at 801.388.3355. MaritzCX not only offers the New Vehicle Study, but also comprehensive studies on vehicle avoiders, autonomous vehicles and acceptance, early buyers, early rejectors, and powersports.

Q: How is the MaritzCX New Vehicle Customer Study delivered?

All data for the NVCS is delivered through monthly or quarterly SAS or SPSS files depending on the manufacturer’s preference, as well as being available through mTab. Custom data applications are also available, as well as data summaries by custom factors, segment, model, brand, or manufacturer.

Q: Where do I find additional information about the MaritzCX new Vehicle Customer Study?

The MaritzCX Syndicated team would be happy to discuss each clients’ specific needs and develop a solution, standard or custom. To set up a time to discuss your specific data needs, please contact PJ Tue at or call 801.388.3355. You can also read more about the study by clicking on the “Learn More” button at the top of the eNVy award web page.

Q How does the MaritzCX New Vehicle Customer Study give Automotive manufacturers a market advantage?

Automotive success revolves around the ability to sell vehicles and retain customers The New Vehicle Customer Study shows since 2015 NVCS subscribers have enjoyed higher loyalty every year with current (2018) loyalty being 5% higher for subscribing OEMS. If you want to find customers and equally important retain customers, NVCS is the study for you.



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