TELUS Case Study

Telus transforms CX Program, realizes cost savings and churn reduction

TELUS completely transformed its CX program. What was once a struggling initiative facing escalating costs, limited customer feedback, and no real strategy, is now a model for reviving CX programs everywhere. TELUS’s CX transformation helped the company realize an annual $1 million direct cost savings; a 100% increase in customer feedback volume; best-in-class response rates, and a $5 million opportunity in churn reduction.

Download the TELUS case study and find out how they did it.

What you’ll learn:

  • What it takes to transform a CX program
  • TELUS CX program results
  • What’s next for the TELUS program

“The work is never done. There are always problems to identify, and better ways to combat them.” – Stavros Davidovic, TELUS Manager of Feedback and Recovery



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