MaritzCX Expert Services: Unlocking the Power of CX

Need to Super Charge Your CX System?

More than 72% of CX professionals admit their CX program isn’t getting the job done.  The reason?  It is difficult to convert information to insights and insights into action.  Within the walls of MaritzCX is a global team of consultants, researchers, data scientists, artists and teachers who can help you wring every ounce of value out of your current CX system while helping you clearly and definitively show return on investment.

Join Dave Fish, Ph.D. for a journey through the world of MaritzCX’s elite Expert Services.

  • Learn how to assess the readiness of your organization and deliver on your brand promise. Gain insight on comprehensive inside-and-out journey mapping.
  • Tour our strategic research offerings in ethnography, segmentation, choice studies, experimental design, and CX insights.
  • Cover your eyes in the bright glare of the awesomeness of our data scientists and statisticians as they model and predict outcomes from your data.
  • Have a boatload of unstructured comments and text? No problem, make sense of it with our global team of text analysts.
  • Wondering how you compare to others in your industry, even in other industries? Let us introduce to you our library of on-going syndicated studies.
  • Finally, if you or your staff just need to bone up on storytelling, analytics, or CX operations, we can help there too with our newly credentialed and lauded CX University.

So pull up a chair, yoga ball, or bean bag chair and come hang out. Find out what MaritzCX’s Expert services can do for you and your organization. Maximize your investment in your customer efforts today.



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