Customer Retention: Expanding the Definition to Drive Your Business

When CX leaders hear the word “retention,” their default definition is most likely “keeping current customers happy.” But true retention is about a much deeper customer relationship—and the tools that drive retention go beyond just surveys.

Additionally, today’s leaders may be tempted to think about retention through the lens of COVID-19—making it a temporary focus in a time where keeping current customers is vital. This could be a fatal mistake.

On July 21st, hear from InMoment experts Jim Katzman and David Van Brocklin as they discuss why—and how— we can broaden our definition and make retention an evergreen, ever important experience effort. You will learn about:

  • The four cornerstones of customer retention
  • Tools you can use to drive retention
  • Stories from brands who have successfully driven loyal customer relationships

We hope you will join us!



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