CXStandards – Know How You Measure Up

Your competition relies on MaritzCX’s CXStandards to understand how their customer experience measures against yours. It’s time you leveled the playing field.

CXStandards is the auto industry’s only continuous, transaction-based benchmarking study that measures 37 CX categories across 16 different industries. Data you receive on a quarterly basis helps you manage your customer satisfaction efforts and ensure your CX is not only on par with your competition but enables you to see how you stack up against top-CX performing companies in other industries.

What’s CX worth to you? According to a recent MaritzCX study, raising a customer satisfaction score by just one point can mean an additional $151,000 in annual revenue for the average dealership. That’s huge. Start raising your bar today with CXStandards.

Download the CXStandards information sheet and learn how this study excels by:

  • Delivering exceptional accuracy
  • Providing a broader perspective
  • Offering more relevant data
  • Driving increased actionability

CXStandards provides you with objective CX benchmark data to ensure you don’t just make decisions, but that you make the right decisions to further your CX initiatives.



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