We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

Digital Customer Conversations

Creating rich, natural conversations with your customers at scale

Driving effective customer improvement requires a deep understanding of your customers wants, needs, and experiences. While CX metrics are often collected to help identify customer issues, metrics alone don’t provide the rich and juicy details needed to analyze and act on customer needs. What you need to understand your customers better is to gather customer expectations and perceptions in the customer’s own words—through their own stories and unstructured conversations.

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How do you have meaningful 1-on-1 conversations at scale that makes an impact?

  • Voice-driven surveys that allow customers to tell their stories better
  • SmartProbe™ that intelligently probes customers responses
  • Text Analytics triggers and employee alerts that help you take action

Rich, Detailed, Actionable Customer Insight

Voice-driven surveys gather richer feedback

Allow your customers to provide survey feedback using their own words and voice instead of typing a response. Today the majority of customers respond to CX surveys via mobile devices. Voice-driven surveys allow mobile respondents to more easily and naturally provide verbatim commentary without challenges – resulting in 70-100% more words from customers.


Probe deeper into your customers’ responses

SmartProbe™ intelligently probes customers on various aspects of their response during a digital survey experience—much like a real human interviewer would probe and dig deeper. Across all industries, this method can provide a higher volume of feedback and much more detail.  Research has shown that customers that were probed using SmartProbe™ provided an average of 10-15 additional words to describe their experience.


Trigger Employee Alerts for immediate customer contact

Text Analytics triggers employee alerts so you can take action on your customers conversational, unstructured data. It can be difficult to identify key problems or service failures in your raw data/feedback and route them to employees for follow up and resolution. Our technology leverages the best of NLP and text analytics to trigger employee alerts based on the details of the customer conversation.  For example, you can identify customers that share feedback about possible customer defection (I.e. account closing, shopping around, etc.) and send customer cases to front-line employees for immediate customer contact and recovery efforts.

Take a Giant Leap

Customer conversations help you take a giant leap from merely gathering, analysing and, often, guessing, at what a rating means to now having a meaningful dialogue with your customers.  These conversations can help advance your CX goals and increase customer loyalty by:

Allowing customers to tell their stories through more conversational digital surveys, and reaching the customers who may not respond with rich feedback using conventional survey tools

Increasing the scale and representativeness of customer feedback with an efficient process to manage and mine it. Providing deeper insight into “the why” behind your data

Facilitating customer follow up and action on identified customer issues using triggered alerts to help your employees resolve customer issues immediately

Make Voice-Driven Surveys, Text Analytics Alerts, and SmartProbe™ Part of Your Comprehensive CX Program

Have meaningful conversations by allowing customers to tell their stories with voice-driven surveys, provide deeper insights into “the why” behind your data and facilitate customer follow up and action on identified customer issues.

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