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Engaged EXperience

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Employees are the filter through which our customers experience our organisational culture, and the degree to which employees are engaged in their roles and organisation itself will dramatically impact our success. Seeking strategies to understand employee experiences as they occur, and to create a culture of employee-driven solutions, organisations should consider new and innovative trends to assess, address, and accelerate engagement.

HR Professionals and Customer Experience Leaders alike are looking for new ways to collectively understand employee engagement and CX outcomes. The Engaged EXperiences webinar session will explore methods to more instantly include employees in identifying areas of focus and will explore recent findings and best practises for connecting employees to the customer experience. Content will include continuous listening strategies for employees to contribute to the success of the organisation while identifying opportunities to strengthen their own employee experiences.


Guest Speaker: Sam Stern
Principal Analyst, Forrester

Sam is a principal analyst in Forrester’s customer experience research practise. His research topics include customer-centric culture, employee engagement in delivering better customer experiences, and how to deploy different research techniques to create better experiences. Sam is also the host of CX Cast, Forrester’s weekly customer experience podcast.

Jason Macedonia
Senior Director, Employee Engagement Services, MaritzCX

As the Senior Director of Employee Engagement Services of MaritzCX, Jason leads company strategy, design and administration of Employee Engagement programmes. With a background in organisational development and experience measurement, this role complements his passion for technology driven capture of insights used to drive organisational innovation, improve customer loyalty, strengthen employee engagement and assess organisational culture.

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