We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

CXFusion 2017 Presentations


How to Build a CX Management Program Part I

  • Scott Pimley, Sr Director, Strategic Consulting, MaritzCX

Taking Your CX Program to the Next Level

  • Lisa London, Director, CX Consulting, MaritzCX

Designing an Effective VoC Feedback Program

  • Jeff Olsen, Director, Training and Education, MaritzCX

How to Build a CX Management Program Part II

  • Funda Whitaker, Sr Director, Strategic Research Services, MaritzCX, Eleanor Telling, Director, Solutions Design, MaritzCX

Mapping the Customers‘ Journey Workshop

  • Stacy Bolger, Sr. Director, Strategic Consulting, MaritzCX


Delivering One CX

  • Mike Sinoway, President & CEO, MaritzCX

Infusing Humanity into Customer Experience

  • Bruce Temkin, Customer Experience Transformist & Managing Partner, Temkin Group

Breakout Sessions

Achieving Measurable Business Value from Journey Mapping: The Docusign Story

  • Joe Wheeler, President, CX Workout, Jennifer Royer, Director, Product Marketing, DocuSign, Kristin Pilkington, Sr. Associate, CX Workout

Observing and Asking: How Behavioral Science Can Help Us Design with Real Customer Experiences in Mind

  • Charlotte Blank, Executive Director, The Maritz Institute

Promoting Your CX Program

  • Jay Miller, Director, Customer Insights, Fidelity

Powerful Storytelling with Data

  • Jon Harrington, Market Research Manager, American Family Insurance

Trends and Disruption in Customer Experience

  • Diane Magers, CEO, CXPA

Measuring and Enhancing the Automotive Customer Experience Around the World

  • Margaret Kishore, Consumer Metrics and Customer Viewpoint Manager, Ford Motor Company

Bring Order and Insight to the Chaotic World of Unstructured Data with Best-In-Class Text Analytics

  • Michelle Turner, Sr. Director, Product Management, MaritzCX, Brion Scheidel, Director, Text Analytics, MaritzCX

How CX Information Can Accelerate Your Customer Analytics Journey

  • John Harris, Sr. Manager, Predictive Modeling & Advanced Analytics, Protiviti

What’s New in the MaritzCX Platform

  • Bruce Arnett, Chief Technical Officer, MaritzCX, Bryan Rhodes, VP, Product Management

Bits and Bytes: Critical Security Strategies

  • Michael Fischer Ph.D., Sr. Application Security Engineer, MaritzCX

Advantageous Connections and Strategic Partnerships for CX Data

  • Alan Gee, Director, Product Management, MaritzCX, JD Jeppson, VP, Partnerships, MaritzCX


One CX Helps Drive Better Customer Interactions

  • Chris Cottle, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, MaritzCX

The Value of Human Touch in a World of Automation

  • Kimberly Abel-Lanier, VP and General Manager, CultureNext, Maritz Motivation Solutions

Breakout Sessions

Telus’s Omni Survey Program Journey

  • Stavros Davidovic, Customer Experience Research Manager, Telus

Establishing Operational Processes to Close the Feedback Loop

  • Iain O’Connor, Senior Manager, Customer Experience & Insight, Aegon UK

Voice of the Customer for B2B

  • Christopher Miller, Customer Advocacy Manager, Intel

From Transactional Surveys to a Multi-touch Omnichannel Program

  • Ellen Needham, OmniChannel Insights Manager, Patagonia

Customer Centricity is a Journey: Find Out Where to Focus

  • Terry Cain, Principal/Owner, Pinwheel Partners

The Transformative Power of CX Transparency

  • Laurie Victor, Customer Experience Program Director, Fulfilla

Customer Experience – The Competitive Advantage from Loyal Customers

VoC that Transforms CX

  • Lynn Hunsaker, CX Transformation Strategist, ClearAction

Harnessing the Power of Social to Drive CX Outcomes

  • Brad Jenson, VP, Corporate Development, Podium

Automating Qualitative Data Intake for Quick Action

  • Walter Good, President, Pinpoint, Anita McClough, Ph.D, Client Success Manager, MaritzCX

Mystery Shopping: Achieve Consistent Service Delivery through Understanding your Customers’ Perspective

  • Silvana Daehn, Account Director, MaritzCX, Doug Smith, MaritzCX

Seizing the Front-Line Moment with MaritzCX Case Management

  • Eric Weight, VP, Solutions Consulting, MaritzCX, Josh Harker, Solutions Consultant, MaritzCX

Getting the Most Out of Your Map

  • Stacy Bolger, Sr. Director, Strategic Consulting, MaritzCX

Learn How Data Mining Can Show You Where to Invest Your Money

  • Bryan Rhodes, GP, Product Management, Kurt Pflughoeft, Sr. Product Manager, MaritzCX

Boost Response Rates Through New Email Design Techniques

  • Ted Saunders, Product Manager, MaritzCX, Jason Scheil, Product Manager, MaritzCX