MaritzCX Integrations

Extending Customer Experience (CX) Success with Data and Partner Integrations

Driving high value with your CX program can’t happen without connecting your program and its data to critical organizational toolsets, processes, and partners. Our goal is to ensure that your business data and systems can flow fluidly and easily into and out of your CX program. We offer a robust set of solutions to make this a reality – from out-of-the-box business system connectors to developer toolkits to technology and service partner integrations.

MaritzCX Connectors

CX data is most powerful when it flows freely to and from the enterprise systems that drive decision-making and frontline behavior. That’s why the MaritzCX Connectors were designed – to link our CX data to common enterprise systems, including these:

The MaritzCX Connector for Salesforce integrates your Voice of the Customer (VoC) data directly into Salesforce, putting key insights and information at the fingertips of your sales and customer support specialists, where they need it, when they need it. Among many other things it lets you trigger survey invitations from within Salesforce using workflows and triggers.

The MaritzCX Connector for Tableau allows you to collect structured, unstructured, and operational data using the MaritzCX platform, then export that data into Tableau for data visualization and insight generation.

Developer Tools

At MaritzCX, we know that it’s not enough for your users to be able to access CX data through our graphical user interface. Your systems need to speak directly to ours.

Developer Portal (Client Use Only)


The MaritzCX ReST APIs give you programmatic access to key parts of the MaritzCX platform, including Survey Management, Case Management, and Data Import.

Mobile SDK

The MaritzCX Mobile SDK helps you capture user experience feedback within your native client-facing iOS and Android apps, letting you present feedback requests while customers are using your app.

File Transfer

In some situations, it makes the most sense to simply import and export CX data from the MaritzCX platform using a file transfer process. MaritzCX makes that process easy and straightforward by allowing you to export and import data in a variety of industry-standard formats:

  • Flat (CSV, SCSV, Pipe)
  • PowerPoint
  • SPSS
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Word
  • Image


MaritzCX boasts a robust ecosystem of technical integration partners who offer complementary products and services. Many of these companies build their own connections with the MaritzCX platform, bringing direct customer insight anytime it’s needed.

Protiviti is a leading business, data &  analytics, and technology consulting firm with deep experience driving performance improvement for companies across industries and geographies.

PwC is one of the most well-known management consulting firms in the world, guiding top-tier companies through periods of challenge and growth. They have close relationships with C-level executives, and they can scale services not only across industries and geographies but organizational boundaries as well.

PinPoint Research has pioneered best-of-breed hosted technology products, including voice-driven IVR surveys and speech-to-text data processing solutions.

Survox enables customer insight managers, market research professionals, and opinion pollsters to collect quality data faster.

CX workout Logo

CX Workout allows customers and employees to provide feedback through videos and images, ratings, comments, and more.

CCS is a boutique management consulting firm offering industry expertise, customer-centric business process improvement, system deployment, and comprehensive ROI reporting.

The AAG CX solution delivers comprehensive return on investment (ROI) reporting and tracking and offers a holistic CX program for customer and partner retention, increased employee productivity, and revenue growth.

Annscom sees customer relationship management (CRM) as more than just technology – they work with you to develop successful CRM and marketing automation strategies.

Bain are market-leading innovators around Net Promoter Score and associated technologies to address inner loop and outer loop solutions.

MMS creates a culture of engagement, inclusion, and purpose with its Culture Monitoring solution. MMS is a market leader in customer loyalty, sales effectiveness, and channel loyalty solutions.

MMS creates a culture of engagement, inclusion, and purpose with its Culture Monitoring solution. MMS is a market leader in customer loyalty, sales effectiveness, and channel loyalty solutions.

Splunk makes IT, security, and business sense out of machine data, delivering visibility and insights to your organization.

Impact Mobile is a tier-1 text messaging aggregator and mobile engagement leader based in Canada, with U.S. and global reach.

HorizonCX leverages its expertise to improve operational and financial outcomes for early to advanced CX maturity businesses by helping uncover customer insights that lead toward tangible business and financial results.

Leading the way for 12 years, OnePoint Global is dedicated to supporting market researchers and CX professionals. Their software is now the defacto standard for SMS surveys and survey invitations globally, and their in-App survey solution is helping transform client apps into an engaging survey channel.



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