Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is software that helps you manage the relationships between a company and the customer

Create Cross-Sell Opportunities, Generate Effective Leads, and Decrease the Number of Repetitive Tasks

What is CRM?

Why Use Customer Relationship Management Software?

How We Manage the Customer Relationship

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Putting the Voice of the Customer to Work

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“On average, sales and marketing costs average from 15%-35% of total corporate costs. So the effort to automate for more sales efficiency is absolutely essential. In cases reviewed, sales increases due to advanced CRM technology have ranged from 10% to more than 30%.” – Harvard Business Review

“..The 17 leading SMB companies all declared they were doing more implementations now than in 2004, with eight of them handling at least 60 percent of customer implementations… Of the winning enterprise vendors all but one does 70 percent or more of its implementations in house… He notes that CRM implementation by vendors is a trend that he predicts will eventually reach 90 percent.” – CRM guru, Barton Goldenberg

“Successful CRM is about competing in the relationship dimension. Not as an alternative to having a competitive product or reasonable price- but as a differentiator. If your competitors are doing the same thing you are (as they generally are), product and price won’t give you a long-term, sustainable competitive advantage. But if you can get an edge based on how customers feel about your company, it’s a much stickier–sustainable–relationship over the long haul.” – Bob Thompson, CustomerThink Corporation

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