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What? Another Blog?

Just when you thought it was safe to venture online again, another research company has launched (re-launched) a marketing research blog.

We’re not new to this. In fact, we’re way ahead of the pack. Maritz Research launched its first blog, CoreCustomerMetric back in 2006. Led by Randy Brandt, our VP of Customer Experience and Loyalty, CCM was focused on the challenges of finding that perfect outcome measure for customer experience research. At the time, Fred Reichheld over at Bain was just publishing his first Harvard Business Review article about the Net Promoter Score, and we were concerned that clients and the industry would think that a magic bullet solution had been found.

Since then, CCM dealt with all sorts of thorny issues in customer experience measurement: employee incentives tied to customer satisfaction, setting goals, creating linkage models and other staples of a shop that specializes in customer experience measurement. We officially shut down CoreCustomerMetric when we redesigned and re-launched our website, knowing that we would re-launch once we had a good handle on what this blog ought to cover.

Well, here it is. Sound Check is a completely different animal than CoreCustomerMetric was. Not surprisingly, it will still focus on customer experience measurement and management – after all, Maritz Research is the leading CEM firm in North America – but we’ve roped in some folks to help Randy Brandt out.

Ranging from marketing scientists to solutions management people, it seems that no corner of Maritz Research is unrepresented here. Want to know about the latest trends in mobile research? We’ve got bloggers from our Fieldwork Services group. What’s happening in Financial Services research? We have bloggers from our Financial Services Research Group. Want an executive perspective on where the industry is going and what it means? We’ve even roped in our senior leadership team to provide their thoughts on changes and challenges in our industry.

So, hold that sigh – I know this crowd and I know that most of them are super-bright, super-talented and just a smidge irreverent. Sacred cows will be sacrificed here (virtually, because no animals will be harmed in the making of this blog), common wisdom will be shown to be not-so-common or even wise and we promise that you’ll be among the first to hear about new things being cooked up in our marketing sciences group.

Bookmark this site. This isn’t your dad’s marketing research blog.