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The Right CRM & EFM Software – Key to Your Success

business people looking towards the futureEnterprise feedback management (EFM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are equally important to the success of your company.

Keeping tabs on customer information is an important piece of your company’s operations. Can you imagine what would happen if your company had to manually monitor and file all of the customer information that has been gathered over the years? This is why CRM software was developed – to ensure that critical customer information is managed and handled efficiently. CRM simply helps corporations capture, manage and store their customer’s personal information.

Where CRM’s fall short, though, is in their ability to analyze data. This is where EFM software comes to the rescue. EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management) – a relatively new industry – helps manage customer and employee feedback company-wide. While CRM helps you capture, manage and store your customers’ personal information, EFM helps you capture, manage and analyze your customer and employee feedback – making your organization more customer and employee-centric.

In the age of advanced information technology, automating the process of gathering each and every type of customer information is vital to a business’s success. This is why CRM and EFM software are both important.

The right CRM software will allow your company to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Develop effective marketing strategies
  • Reduce production and operational costs through proper information management
  • Improve the customer’s overall experience with the company

The right EFM software will complement your CRM software by:

  • Helping you manage feedback company-wide
  • Quickly route and manage your company’s feedback
  • Predict where in your company you can focus to improve customer and employee loyalty
  • Gauge how satisfied your customers and employees are

Aside from these benefits, the right CRM and EFM software will allow you to identify your company’s most valuable clients and customers. This way, preferred and loyal customers can be given more priority so that their business can be retained. In the same vein, customers who have a good potential of remaining loyal to the company can be given incentives to stay with the company.

On the administrative side, these software packages will make customer interactions flow smoothly and data analysis can be done more efficiently. With all these advantages and more, CRM and EFM software is truly something that major corporations in any industry cannot do without.