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Highlights from Day One at VoCFusion 2012

More than 350 Voice of Customer (VOC) and customer experience professionals gathered today at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas for the first day of VoCFusion 2012.

In temperatures approaching 100 degrees, attendees stayed cool inside and shared experiences on how to apply customer intelligence to fuel financial and operational growth.

Here are some highlights from yesterday’s speakers:

Adam Edmunds, President and CEO of Allegiance
Adam Edmunds
President and CEO
  • The industry has evolved from single point surveys and multichannel feedback to automated customer insights and democratized data.
  • Customer experience is the next corporate battleground.
  • The future lies in identifying patterns in customer data that can be used to improve customer loyalty.
Josh James, Founder and CEO of Domo
Josh James
Founder and CEO
  • The data-driven company of the future will have more transparency and will be able to respond fast to the market.
  • Data needs to be shared throughout the organization, be consistent and available for the masses.
Tony Hsieh, CEO of
Tony Hsieh
  • Zappos is a service company that happens to sell shoes.
  • Customer experience is tied to emotions and should create stories and memories
  • Customer experience emanates from a company’s culture and core values.
  • Now matter what your core values are, what is important is that you commit to them.
  • Great companies have a vision and a higher purpose that employees can be passionate about.

Thanks to all the great speakers and attendees for making this event a success!