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Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). What is it?

One way to benchmark the level of satisfaction of your customers is through a customer satisfaction index. One of the leading customer satisfaction indexes in the world is the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The ACSI helps determine how satisfied consumers in the US are, so that consumer behavior can be understood. ACSI personnel question around 80,000 Americans per year regarding how satisfied they feel about any of the products and services they may have used for that year. Even the satisfaction of the public with government services is rated by the ACSI.

You may access information about the ACSI every quarter, after survey results have been collected and analyzed by ACSI analysts. Some of those who use the ACSI information are:

  • industry trade groups
  • market investors
  • market analysts
  • corporate and organizational decision makers
  • and academic researchers

Ordinary consumers may also opt to read ACSI results so that they can be better informed about what products and services to buy the next year.

To get their data, the ACSI personnel conduct telephone interviews based on the Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing system. Respondents are usually randomly chosen and screened first via the sampling method called random-digit dial technique. The ACSI generally concerns itself with customer service satisfaction about over 200 companies that operate in 10 economic areas and 43 industries all in all. Because the ACSI has been proven to be quite reliable and credible, organizations and interest groups from other countries have also begun adopting the ACSI in their countries as well.

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