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Customer Retention & The Leaky Bucket

Arjun Sen, president and founder, ZenMango offered some great advice to companies today on retaining customers as part of the online Engage eSummit presentation that he gave titled: “The Leaky Bucket: The Secret of Eating an Elephant.” His advice:

  • Know your customers – Who are they? What’s most important to them?  Etc.
  • Make sure your employees’ point of view matches up with your customers’ point of view (and that all of your employees understand why each customer is important as well as the role that each of your employees play in retaining customers)
  • Unite your marketing and operations teams and ensure they have a shared vision
  • Realize every customer counts – Treat them that way; reward your employees for doing so
  • Understand your leaky bucket (why customers are not coming back) and fix it (i.e. Identify your customers’ breaking points and decision to return points. In addition, go through the customer experience yourself and see and feel the pain through the eyes of your customers.)
  • Improve and enhance your customer experience

Chris Cottle, VP of Marketing,  Allegiance