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Customer Champion Award Winners

What does it take to be a champion? Aeromexico and Frost Bank understand what it takes—they know the value of using the right solutions to accelerate results.

Allegiance congratulates Edouard Piquet of Aeromexico and Jimmy Stead of Frost Bank for being named 2013 1to1 Media Customer Champion Award winners. Each individual has implemented strategic practices and programs at their organization to ensure their approach is customer-centric and generating the right outcomes.

At Aeromexico, Edouard established a systematic approach to capture customer feedback and real-time online results and shares those results with senior management. The customer feedback data drives continuous improvements and prioritization of efforts across the company to significantly increase customer satisfaction and loyalty levels.

Frost Bank has an extensive Voice of Customer (VoC) program that includes ongoing capture of both solicited and unsolicited customer feedback. This program is a vital component of the mobile banking design process. Each day Jimmy Stead and his team reviews all the information received from customer experience surveys to continually improve the design of digital banking products. Based on vital feedback, his team designed a breakthrough online banking app that has been extremely well received.

We applaud the efforts of these two individuals and acknowledge their great work in the industry. What can Allegiance do for you?