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Best. Day. Ever.


When our Marketing department challenged us to come up with our Best Day Ever at Maritz stories, I thought back over the last seven years and had several different occasions come to mind.

I thought of my unique interview experience when I first came to Maritz in 2006. I can’t share all the details, but I was greeted by several dozen jack-o-lanterns, and there was also a dancing turkey involved.  Said turkey may or may not have been named after the guy who was going to be my boss. “This is going to be a fun place to work,” I remember thinking. (It still is.)

I thought of a Days of Caring event where I called bingo in a local senior community.  The staff warned me I had to be really loud since some of the residents were hard of hearing, which made my co-workers chuckle, as they knew this would not be a problem.  I would guess that many folks’ Best Days Ever have to do with all the ways that Maritz people give back to our community.  Our recent announcement of exceeding our United Way goal this year reinforces that.

I also thought of the day I got to meet a Director in one of our field offices, someone who I’d been working with for the better part of a year over the phone and via email.  I was on vacation in a city near this office and I decided to drop in on her so we could meet in person.  She’d had a tough position open and we joked that finding the right employee after so many months felt like giving birth. Having never seen me before, she grabbed me and hugged me like we were old friends. I guess we kind of were.

Working in the HR department means there are days I’ve been sad, days I’ve been offended, and days that I’ve just wanted to be over.  But far outweighing those days are the days I have laughed with good friends and had my spirits lifted by the amazing people I work with.  I’ve received compliments and complaints, flowers from managers and cookies from applicants, unexpected blessings and even a few kicks in the pants. “Never a dull moment,” would be the best phrase to describe the last seven years.

I can’t narrow it down to one – I am grateful for all my Best Days. Like shoes, you can never really have enough. Check out Doug Berdie’s video and see what made him grateful on one of his Best Days Ever.