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CXEvolution: Implement CX Response While There is Still Time

Does your CX program deliver timely feedback to the people who are empowered to take action?

My husband and I recently splurged to stay at a high end hotel while attending Austin City Limits. Given the steep nightly rate, we were surprised at the incredibly small room we were given with a clear view of the 3rd floor parking lot.

Not wanting to start our mini-vacation off complaining, we were prepared to accept the less than ideal room.  However, when I logged onto the hotel wifi, I received a pop-up survey inquiring about our check-in process and room experience. I quickly shared my opinion of the room and view without expecting much of a response. To my surprise, within five minutes of completing the survey, Vanessa from the front desk called our room and indicated while they couldn’t change our room that evening, they would happily move our belongings to a new room for the rest of the weekend. We took Vanessa up on her offer and enjoyed views across downtown Austin from a corner room on the 10th floor for the remaining two nights.  This service level changed my experience with the brand.  This action required minimal cost, but does require real-time alerts delivered to the right people at the right time.

The quicker your reaction time when dealing with customers, the more  customers’ confidence will increase and they will believe that you truly care about their experience. This brand understood the key moments in their customers’ journey to measure and the importance of empowering front line employees to take action quickly.    The result is a customer who is likely to return for weekend one of ACL in 2016.

How quickly are you responding to customer feedback? Would your brand’s response to customer feedback change if that feedback was delivered to the frontline team faster? Checking the box that you respond to customers requesting follow up isn’t enough. Empowering frontline team members to react quickly to customer feedback helps differentiate top tier brands from all the rest.

MaritzCX has created a framework called CXEvolution which includes 14 CX competencies that are critical to the success of CX programs.  Improvement along the CX maturity continuum has been shown to drive significantly improved financial outcomes and customer retention.

Customer Response is among the 14 competencies in the CXEvolution framework. True CX leaders anticipate the problems and challenges that individual customers encounter and proactively address them, while laggards are inconsistent in the way they listen to and respond to customers.

To learn more about the CXEvolution framework and the 14 competencies that are included in it, please visit our CXEvolution webpage  Take our free assessment to see where your organization stands.