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CX Day: Don’t Forget to Listen

To me, one of the most important aspects of the customer experience (CX), that should be highlighted on CX day, is listening. When a company first starts out, it’s easy to listen. The gap between those who can make a difference and the customer is small. However, as a company grows larger and more successful, that gap can become greater until it’s difficult to hear what the customers want. Keeping channels of communication open at all levels, and in a way that customers feel comfortable, can and will help minimize the gap, and keep customers happy.

Flowers and CX

A few months ago, I ordered some flowers online for my fiancé (now my wife). I was planning on visiting her for the weekend and wanted the flowers to arrive the day I did. However, there was a mishap by one of the flower shop employees and the flowers were delivered the next day. My fiancé was ecstatic that I had bought her flowers! I was happy that she liked them, but slightly and silently disappointed that they hadn’t been delivered on time, and the day I had planned. The experience was special, however, not as special as I would have liked.

When the follow up email came asking how my experience was, I marked that the flowers had been delivered at the wrong time. The following day I received a phone call, not from a customer service agent, but from the actual florist who had prepared the bouquet. She explained that it had been an honest mistake and that she had misread the delivery date. In addition, she asked if there was anything that she could do to repair the situation. I was just happy that she called! I explained that it was fine and that my fiancé was very happy and loved the flowers.

To me, that is what customer service is all about. Delivering on your promises but when you slip up, own up to the mistake, listen to the customer and make proper reparations. That small act of customer service, apologizing and asking what could be done to make it right again, was enough to ensure that I’ll keep going back to that florist. I just became a bit more loyal then before.  Even though my experience wasn’t 100% perfect, because I felt like I was treated fairly and the company listened and tried to fix their mistake–it was a success in my book.

CX Day

Today is CX day, in which we globally celebrate companies and professionals that create great experiences for their customers. As companies and professional, it’s a day when we can rededicate ourselves to listening to our wonderful customers and providing excellent service. As part of the celebration, CXPA is hosting a keynote webinar at 11AM ET entitled CX from the CEO’s point of View. We invite you to join us in watching this event. You can register for it here. At MaritzCX we’ll be listening to CX Day, CXPA speakers and listening to our customers. We’re happy to celebrate the day and to celebrate our customers and employees that work hard each day in an effort to make customers’ experiences better.

Have a great CX day and make sure you’re being CXy !