Evolving the Customer Experience Industry by MaritzCX CEO Mike Sinoway

Introducing the second CX Café Customer and Employee Experience Podcast: CEO of MaritzCX, Mike Sinoway, talks about innovations that are emerging in the customer experience industry. Hear about how things are evolving, and learn how to properly utilize certain technologies to receive a positive response from your customers.

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What You will discover

  • Properly take action with proven research methodologies and emerging technology
  • How to preserve customer feedback without spamming customers
  • Where MaritzCX is playing a key ole in evolving the Customer Experience Industry

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Episode Transcript:

I’m Mike Sinoway, I’m the CEO of MaritzCX, and what we’re seeing is a major evolution in the industry, but not necessarily in a good way always. There’s been a proliferation of self-service tools, the technology makes it easy to survey everybody, all the time. And we’re turning customer feedback into spam, and we’re not always getting a good response to that. 


The right way to evolve the industry, and MaritzCX is playing a key role in doing that, is to bring proven research tools and techniques, sampling, statistical analysis, and weighting to the methodologies that are evolving with the technology, so that we preserve that precious, customer feedback and not inundate the market with survey requests, and requests for information. 


And then apply the emerging artificial intelligence tools, and machine learning, and other advanced technologies to, to infer where appropriate, the customer satisfaction levels and take action without even having to be told by the customer that they were disappointed, or they were dissatisfied. That’s the right way to evolve the industry. 


MaritzCX is in a unique position to do that, because we’ve got that research expertise along with the technical capability.