Customer Experience Trends by MaritzCX CEO Mike Sinoway

Introducing the first CX Café customer and employee experience podcast: CEO of MaritzCX, Mike Sinoway, talks about emerging trends and technologies being seen in the customer experience industry. Hear how businesses can enhance customer experiences (CX) and employee experiences (EX), and what questions you should ask when starting a CX program to improve loyalty and retention.

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What You will discover

  • How you can listen to your customers better
  • Emerging technologies and trends that can enhance experiences
  • Questions to consider when setting up a CX program

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Episode Transcript:

The trends we’re seeing right now include: better listening as opposed to asking, through things like social media, of course, but even chat bots, where you can collect information more as a conversation tone, as opposed to give me a score on a 1-10 scale.

And then we see capabilities emerging in things like video, and audio; things that sort of the next generation is more used to doing that some of us older folks might cringe at; providing a video commentary that the young folks don’t think anything about.

So, we see those technologies emerging, and then the Artificial Intelligence; the ability to manage massive amounts of information from many, many data sources, pull that in together, and then mine it for correlations and insights.

Overall, it is an amazing and exciting time to be in this industry, as the voices of consumers have more channels and more options to be heard, coupled with the tools and technologies to analyze those voices to really provide the insights or to find the insights and take action. So, it’s a good time to be in the industry.

When you want to start a CX program, the most important thing to do is to decide how you want to use the information. Is it just feedback, so that you understand the voice of the customer?

Is it going to drive rewards and incentives? In which case, you need a more statistically reliable set of data so that you pay people or incentivise people on it. Are you going to take action on the information? And what are the mechanisms and processes you are going to use to take action? So, the first step is to step back and say, “How am I going to use it?” And then everything flows from there pretty naturally.

MaritzCX has a long history in market research, and that gives us expertise to bring to bare on programs that are utilizing the new technologies. So, there’s companies out there that everyone’s familiar with: Survey Monkey, most are familiar with Qualtrics, and they’re great technology tools, but you need the understanding of how you’re going to use those tools, how you’re going to apply the data in order to make the most use of them, and MaritzCX has that understanding even for clients that are taking their first steps, but even if you’ve got clients that are very sophisticated, we have tools and best practices that differentiate us from other players in the industry.