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Join Us On-Air Friday for an Interview with HireVue

This is an open invitation to have you join us for our upcoming blog talk radio show live, on-air this Friday the 14th at 4pm Mountain (6pm Eastern).

hirevue logoI’ll be chatting with Porter Williams and Jacob Bauer of HireVue, a leading provider of Digital Interview services, which serves companies such as Wal Mart, Starbucks and Nike.

We’ll be discussing the history of HireVue’s VOC and VOE programs and sharing some best practices for those of you who are looking to create such a program, or improve upon the program you already have!

Tune in live to learn from HireVue’s unique approach to VOC and VOE. During the show you can call in to speak with the host at (619) 996-1642.

Access Radio Allegiance on Blog Talk Radio here to tune in or set a reminder: