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Improving Experiences in a Patient-as-Consumer World: Part 4 of 4

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Design, Diagnose, and Deliver a World-class Patient Experience Program

In this blog series, I have outlined four essential practices for improving experiences in a patient-as-consumer world.

Today’s blog will focus on designing, diagnosing and delivering a world-class patient experience program.

When it comes to the patient experience, it’s important to understand the big picture.

But what does an all-inclusive patient experience program look like in practical terms? What does it allow you to do that you can’t do today?

Here are a few practical capabilities and benefits you can look forward to with a comprehensive patient experience program powered by MaritzCX expertise, services, and technology:

  • All of your existing survey tools, including CAHPS, become part of an all-inclusive patient experience program, visible within one platform.
  • Surveys are easy to customize and change, so you can design them for each individual patient, collect more reliable data, and measure every patient’s complete journey.
  • Patients can access surveys using whatever methods they’re most comfortable with – from completing a paper survey and mailing it to tapping responses on a smartphone.
  • Data from every source is instantly uploaded to the MaritzCX Platform, so you can combine survey data with safety, quality, operational, financial, and clinical data to gain deeper, more complete insights and pinpoint specific areas for improvement.
  • A broad family of proven patient experience services is always available to fill gaps, meet specific needs, and enhance and expand every part of your patient experience program.
  • You gain the confidence of following a specific, step-by-step patient experience road map – based on best practices and created specifically for your organization – so you can focus your efforts and resources on initiatives that lead directly to your desired outcome.
  • You always have access to experts with extensive expertise in both customer experience (CX) best practices and the healthcare industry to guide and enhance your efforts.

Get Started with the Right Patient Experience Partner

If you believe a connected, all-inclusive, and holistic approach to patient experience is the best path forward for your healthcare organization, MaritzCX is the only partner that can offer you:

  • A comprehensive patient experience technology platform that combines, analyzes, and transforms data from different sources into action-oriented results.
  • Proven patient experience services that support, enhance, and help you gain insight into every part of your patient experience journey.
  • A best practices model that provides a detailed, results-focused patient experience road map.
  • A diverse team of knowledgeable experts that combines 50 years of customer experience knowledge with deep healthcare expertise. This puts MaritzCX in a unique position to adapt and apply proven best practices from across the consumer world to the patient experience needs of your organization.

MaritzCX is Creating Elite Experiences for Today’s Modern Patients

Find out how MaritzCX can help your organization break the mold and build a results-focused patient experience program that’s designed to meet the expectations of modern patients in the digital age.

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