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Improving Experiences in a Patient-as-Consumer World: Part 3 of 4

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Overcome Challenges with an All-inclusive, Results-driven Approach

In this blog series, I have outlined four essential practices for improving experiences in a patient-as-consumer world.

Today’s blog will focus on overcoming the challenges outlined in part 2 of this series, with an all-inclusive, results-driven approach.

When you fully understand the scope of many patient experience challenges, it’s clear that more patient surveys and a deeper investment in standardized CAHPS surveys is not the answer.

Jumping to the head of the patient experience pack will require a more flexible, holistic, and results-driven approach.

Embrace a Centralized Technology Platform to Unify Patient Data

An all-inclusive approach to patient experience has to start with a centralized technology platform that combines all of your patient data sources into a single, unified, and multi-faceted view.

The MaritzCX platform pioneered and perfected this unified approach, which makes it possible to:

  • Take full advantage of CAHPS and the other survey tools you already use.
  • Add depth and flexibility to those tools by including questions and collecting patient data that applies directly to your organization.
  • Engage with patients in whatever ways they’re most comfortable with, including traditional mail, email, mobile, social media, and more.
  • Bring all of your patient data together into an inclusive view of the complete patient journey. This includes CAHPS as well as safety and quality, point-of-care, employee, operational, and other data sets.
  • Synthesize, analyze, and convert data from these different sources into meaningful insights, actionable plans, and realistic steps for improving patient experiences. This can take the form of customized reports, dashboards, and other tools that help turn complex data into relevant information.
  • Use rounding data as part of an all-inclusive patient experience program, so you can improve staff effectiveness and patient insight. This includes using an efficient platform to identify patient needs, clarify responsibilities, facilitate collaboration, and improve the consistency of care.

Develop Reliable Services to Support and Expand the Patient Experience Program

Data and technology are essential components of any all-inclusive patient experience program. But those components can’t reach their full potential unless they’re supported by the right mix of services and capabilities.

With MaritzCX, you can take advantage of proven services that include (but are not limited to) things like:

  • Patient journey mapping—Uses expert-facilitated workshops to identify and document patient experiences through every part of the journey.
  • Patient survey design—Leverages design strategy best practices to create surveys with more strategic, relevant, and actionable questions, so you can evaluate quality of care more accurately and clearly identify practical steps for improvement.
  • True driver analysis—Provides a deep dive into patient feedback data to identify key factors that will make the biggest positive impact on your organization and patients.
  • Patient experience program governance—Takes advantage of best practices, defined processes, and proven technologies to create a disciplined, outcome-driven patient communications structure.
  • Mystery shopping—Employs “mystery shoppers” who pose as patients, friends, and family members to assess the quality of patient experiences at hospitals or clinics. This includes reviewing cleanliness, measuring wait times, evaluating the atmosphere of the facility, and observing the care environment and staff interactions.

Work with Trusted Experts Who Know Healthcare

The healthcare industry can learn a lot from customer experience programs in other industries.

However, that requires experts who understand both customer experience best practices and the complex nuances of the healthcare industry.

MaritzCX is Creating Elite Experiences for Today’s Modern Patients

MaritzCX combines the broad industry expertise and the deep healthcare knowledge you need to make the most of your patient experience investments.

Read this paper for more information about how MaritzCX can help your organization build a results-focused patient experience program.