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Customer Satisfaction The Primary Objective

The VKB’s fundamental aim is that of a thoroughly customer centric organisation. To stay out front as an industry pioneer, in 2015, the VKB anchored raising customer satisfaction as one of the company’s primary objectives. Focusing initially on the customer journey along the many interaction points with the VKB, internal structures are to be optimised corporationwide to more fully comprehend the customer’s perspective.

The organisational transformation is supported by flanking measures which deliver continuous input on change process design and enable ongoing monitoring of eff effectiveness. Such measures include the MaritzCX customer satisfaction measurement system as well as internal operational and financial performance metrics.

“The goal behind the transformation plans is to get more closely aligned with the customer and understand the entire customer journey from the customer’s perspective, feeling what they feel and thinking what they think. Only then are we able to implement the improvements necessary to better meet our customers’ requirements.“
Holger Dahl, Marketing Strategy Director for the Versicherungskammer Bayern

Changing to a fully automated process

„In selecting a customer experience platform it was important to us that data – ranging from organisational to customer feedback data – would be centrally merged, analysed and provided to the respective areas in real time”, explains Dahl. “The SaaS CX platform by MaritzCX gives us the flexibility we need to derive genuine insights for making better action recommendations.“

The solution was to meet two primary requirements: data had to be aggregated and administered and the invitation process controlled internally across all departmental systems; secondly, a flexible solution had to be found for the actual survey and reporting which in particular would feature:

  1. An intelligent measuring system for continuous measurement of the experience along the entire customer journey
  2. Automatic processing and role-specific reporting
  3. An intuitive interface for rapid roll-out to employees
  4. Case management for further customer support

Customer feedback data flows to the evaluation dashboards in real time. The fully automated MaritzCX software solution affords the VKB, among other things:

  • Complete, automated integration of raw survey data and operational data stored on different VKB systems (such as processing times) that are imported via interfaces using a common “identifier”,
  • Dashboards with real-time data,
  • Flexible dashboard views for more than 300 current users with differing information availability and analysis options based on role profile,
  • Self-service analytics for users to conduct evaluations.

Mobilising Of The Entire Organisation

Phased introduction of the fully automated customer satisfaction measurement system is steadily enhancing the VKB’s understanding of the customer experience from start to finish. And customers appreciate these surveys, as revealed by the double-digit rate of completed survey returns.

Customer feedback received is mixed in terms of praise and criticism, affording direct insights into what measures actually result in increased customer satisfaction.

For VKB employees it is of particular value being able to integrate customer preferences directly into processes. Customer feedback is thus a primary topic in the morning stand-up meetings, at which the previous week is critically reviewed and studied to develop solutions for any arising problems. A continuous change process is thus being driven forward within the enterprise, the purpose of which is to better accommodate customer needs. Having detailed information regarding strengths and weaknesses in the customer journey affords a starting point for realising concrete improvements in the customer experience.

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About the VKB

The Versicherungskammer Bayern (VKB) is one of Germany’s ten largest direct insurers and the country’s largest public insurer. In 2016, the VKB generated a total premium income of 7.8 billion euros. The organisation’s regional subsidiaries operate in Bavaria, the Palatinate, the Saarland, Berlin and Brandenburg. The health insurer of the S-Finanzgruppe cooperates with other public insurers nationwide.