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Dräger – An innovative platform leads to an improved customer experience

Dräger, an international leading company in medical and safety technology, has carried out customer satisfaction studies worldwide for a number of years. At the beginning, only relational surveys were conducted in intervals of up to three years. The survey was in the form of a 20-minute telephone interview, which was conducted centrally from Germany by trained B2B interviewers. 5,700 interviews across 42 countries were conducted in their respective local languages.

For a better interaction with their customers, Dräger established a new customer-focused feedback-approach. A pilot project named BRIDGE was implemented in the US and UK initially and then extended to four more countries. From the start, regional markets were closely involved in the development and implementation of the programme. Driven by a distinctive customer care mind-set the focus was on the identification and solution of customer problems at each touch point: repair, maintenance, installation, order and delivery.


Despite the strong performance of BRIDGE, Dräger identified an area that needed to be addressed: more flexibility in the software was needed to help identify and take action on customer feedback. For this reason Dräger systematically delayed the enhancement of their customer experience programme in order to move to a more flexible software platform, and completed the move to the MaritzCX solution.
MaritzCX not only delivered a more flexible software platform, but jointly developed with Dräger a completely new reporting and alert system which can easily target individuals for closed-loop follow-up.  Since the launch of BRIDGE 2.0, the project has successively rolled out in each region and country in line with a strictly established process. The MaritzCX platform offers a number of new features:

• Self-service software
• Results in real-time
• Closed loop case management
• Dashboards specific to target groups
• Mixed mode surveys (CATI/CAWI)
• Analytics, including text analytics
• Scheduled push reports

With the jointly developed CX strategy, Dräger has gained higher satisfaction rates for both their customers and also their affected employees.


Founded in 1889 in Lübeck, Germany, as a family business, it is now in the fifth generation and has evolved to a global stock exchange listed company, which is active in more than 190 countries. In 2015 Dräger, with more than 13.500 employees, generated a revenue of 2.61 billion Euros. The company has distribution and service subsidiaries, with development and production centers located in Germany,
the UK, Czech Republic, Sweden, South Africa, the US, Brazil and China.

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