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What’s Your Hot Button?

Every industry has them.  You know those issues that occasionally pop up and make you cringe. Customers share a story of an employee attempting to manipulate their survey responses by encouraging top box scores for a free oil change, or of an unresolved problem that has them threatening to call their neighbor Bob the lawyer to take legal action, or even of a possible incident of that could suggest non-compliance with certain regulatory policies.  No one wants to miss these hot buttons. It is imperative we identify and resolve these type of issues immediately. The challenge is that while they typically are not that prevalent, they are often needles in a haystack and very difficult to find.

When we give customers an opportunity to tell their experience stories during the CX process, sometimes these hot buttons emerge in their open ended responses and dialogue. The challenge is to identify and respond to them quickly and efficiently.  This is where text analytics can be the hero.  Today, most savvy CX pros use text analytics to identify concepts and themes in their unstructured data.  This rich data filled with customer stories, emotions, and improvement suggestions is rife with insights that can aid us in root cause analysis.  But what is often overlooked is the role these comments can play in identifying these hot button issues and triggering a hot alert to drive immediate action.

If you are using text analytics to add structure to your customer comments today, consider identifying those hot buttons such as legal mentions, regulatory non-compliance, service or product failures, survey manipulation, or other focus areas that would warrant immediate attention.  By creating specific categories in a text analytic category set focused on any one of these areas, we can create triggers either in the MaritzCX platform or even through an offline process to call out those areas immediately and send them to a full case management process for resolution.

So consider your hot buttons. What impact could you have on customer relationships if you were able to quickly identify and respond to these service failures that creep into customer stories?  Let text analytics do the hard work to find those needles in the haystack and know your customers will thank you.