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Webinar: Tips to Prepare Your CX Program for the Next Decade

Keep Your CX Program Fresh & Up-to-Date with Employee Experience

It wasn’t long ago that practitioners spent their days clarifying the difference between customer service and customer experience, identifying the right technologies, building their teams, and stressing out over how to prove ROI.

CX programs have come a long way. And now, innovative practices will continue the evolution.

Thursday, February 26th, join Stacy Bolger, VP of Employee Experience at MaritzCX, for a webinar that offers research-backed strategies on how to ensure your CX program stays successful and up-to-date.

Attend the Webinar and Learn:

  1. How to build a holistic VoC program
  2. The increasing importance of integrating employee experience
  3. How to empower your program’s ROI for success

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