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CX 360: How to Align Voice of Employee with Voice of Customer Programs

According to Gartner’s research, nearly nine out of ten executives expect customer experience to be a key differentiator with today’s demanding customers. Yet a critical link — engaged employees — is often overlooked. A recent Temkin Group study revealed that CX leaders have 50% more engaged employees than laggards.

Your front-line staff are the face of your brand, creating a first and lasting impression. Do you know how to keep them happy, engaged, and contributing to your CX strategy? Not integrating your Voice of Employee (VoE) with your Voice of Customer (VoC) programs puts your entire CX program at risk, which impacts your top line revenue.

Join MaritzCX for a 360-degree perspective on the impact of integrating VoE and VoC programs. This webinar highlights best practices for ensuring employee goals are properly aligned with customer satisfaction objectives. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to share VoC data with front-line staff to drive customer-centric behaviors. Additionally, you’ll know how to use employee rewards and recognition to increase customer engagement. Finally, you’ll be able to combine employee and customer perspectives at the front-line to complete your CX story.

About the Speakers

Jason Macedonia, MBA
Senior Director, Employee Engagement Services, MaritzCX

Jason leads company strategy, design and administration of Employee Engagement offerings. With a background in organizational development and experience measurement, this role complements his passion for technology driven capture of insights used to drive organizational innovation, improve customer loyalty, strengthen employee engagement and assess organizational culture.

Jennifer Passini, Ph.D.
Solutions Strategist, Financial Services, MaritzCX

Jennifer is responsible for ensuring that clients and prospects understand the power of the CX program, and why MaritzCX is the best partner to design and deliver on the CX framework. Jennifer’s role within the organization is to provide consultative support to clients as they consider the best shape and scope for their CX program considering their desired outcomes and business objectives.