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VoCFusion Day 1 – A New Perspective on Customer Experience

At VoCFusion 2014 in Las Vegas, attendees came from as far away as India and from all types of businesses to gain new perspectives and share best practices about their customer experience programs.

Las Vegas High Roller

Las Vegas High Roller

Allegiance CEO Carine Clark started the day by expanding on the theme of this year’s event — turning data into happy customers and employees. Data is plentiful and everywhere. Walmart, for example, collects 2.5 petabytes of data each hour. Companies that can put that data to work to improve the customer experience will be the winners.

Carine explained that modern CX programs are moving away from reliance on customer survey data to a majority coming from the “big data” collected through operational sources in a company. She introduced Allegiance clients that are on the leading edge in this process.

Porter Williams of HireVue explained how his company is combining survey data with utilization and assessment data to create a “health index” for each account. By capturing data on what customers are doing and combining it with survey responses, HireVue is able to better understand its customers.

Jason Taylor and Mark Magee of Allegiance were up next to announce the debut of Allegiance’s newest technology, Dashboards 2. Providing the fastest way to get insights from CX data, Dashboards 2 helps CX/VoC professionals to capture and share insights using ultra-modern visualizations and provides the ability to drill down at every level. Attendees watched a real-time demonstration on how Dashboards 2 helps companies find quick answers from any data source, visually and instantly.

Robert Stephens, founder of the Geek Squad and former CTO of Best Buy, rounded out the morning’s key note presentations with an enjoyable and insightful talk. Some of his most interesting bits of advice included:

  • Differentiate every aspect of the customer journey, from the invoices, the delivery vehicles, the logo, the way the phone is answered, etc. to really stand out from the crowd.
  • Surprise and delight customers. Be different intentionally, not just to be different.
  • Do not copy your competition if you want to be a revolutionary brand.
  • Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable. Word of mouth is the best marketing.
  • Tell your customers what you will do with their feedback and follow up with them.

The rest of Day 1 included practical sessions on everything from text analytics to overcoming program challenges. The day concluded with an inspirational discussion by Bruce Temkin of the Temkin Group on the importance of organizational empathy.

Later in the evening, Allegiance took attendees out for a night on the town to see Las Vegas’ newest attraction, the High Roller – the largest observation wheel in the world. Everyone got a bird’s eye view and will no doubt go home with many new perspectives.