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Voc Provides Opportunities to Operationalize

The MaritzCX Ask the CX Experts Team Discuss Voice of the Customer (VoC) Best Practices

Join Jennifer Passini, Senior Director of Solution Strategy, Stacy Bolger, Senior Strategic Consulting Director, and Jen Rubin, Senior Director of Solution Strategy, as they answer questions about VoC and share trusted practices that bring value to CX initiatives.

Taking action for CX program success means having a detailed plan for how survey results will be used to improve existing operations. Collecting the the candid Voice of the Customer allows for improvement opportunities to be led by customers, and deeply analyze their opinions to create meaningful change.

Whether jump-starting a new CX program or improving a pre-existing one, unlock insights into business success from the MaritzCX experts as they explain how VoC can be a strong, leading part of your organization’s operational process.

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