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Understanding the Emotional Connection to Your Brand

The ROI of Feelings

A recent study conducted by MaritzCX found that 80% of the companies who proactively gather, analyze, manage and use insights into customers’ feelings have better financial performance, year-over-year.

Do you know how your customers feel about your brand? What about your employees, do you know how they feel? Furthermore, is the emotional side of your customer and employee experiences evident within company decisions and processes? Can you confidently say people know that your business cares?

These crucial questions are just some of few businesses need to ask themselves in order to be in-tune and proactive in any industry. And although most organizations agree that understanding customers’ experiences within their brand is critically important, the truth is that many organizations do not give appropriate weight to the emotional side of these experiences.

Learn how to stand out and make a successful image for your brand by properly understanding and managing customer and employee emotions. Backed by insights in behavioral science and analytical research, join MaritzCX’s own Stacy Bolger and Lisa London as they break down and explain real-world examples that link brand emotions to financial impact.

It’s not rocket science. It’s brain science.

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