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Unlock the Value of CX eBook: Thought Leadership Delivers Insights, Results and Value

Customer experience (CX) has been a part of business, well, since the beginning of time. It’s only been the last decade that an entire industry has boomed around it. There couldn’t be a more exciting time to be in the CX field. It’s recently come out of its infant stages and not only are we seeing more and more companies focusing on their customers’ experiences, but we see them paying attention to the modern customer—the new way they need to do business. This includes; how and what the modern customer wants, needs and behaves, what makes the client tick—and finally—what new tools, technologies, processes, and strategies are helping businesses develop better customer experiences. Now more than ever, it’s important to stay on top of the trends taking place in the industry. For what will work today, may not be the best strategy of tomorrow.

We believe, that one of the best ways to ensure that your CX sword is always sharp is to frequently review thought leadership, join communities, read newsletters, books, blogs and articles, attend trainings and conferences in the industry. Especially from thought leaders leading the way in the CX revolution. The top minds in the CX world frequently publish studies, strategies, experiences and tips that can aid you in the quest for CX perfection. It’s all about taking ownership of the issues within the industry and addressing them. Both to contribute to as well as satisfy the thirst for additional CX knowledge.

Tools Exist to Answer Consumer, Competitor, and Market Focused Questions

If you’re reading this blog you may be part of the few that are proactively trying to change the status quo. MaritzCX is part of an industry that will eventually change the way every successful enterprise operates (MaritzCX, 2017, Illuminate Options, Reduce Risk, and Drive Maximum Value, Unlocking the Value of CX (p.4)). The tools exist today to quickly and effectively answer most consumer, competitor, and market focused questions. Traditional market research techniques have evolved with the internet age and have become more powerful than ever. Technology that began a decade ago to gather customer experience ratings can now be used to model the impact of proposed promotional campaigns, evaluate potential price increases, or refine prototype product designs. This same technology platform can access millions of research panel participants to compare competitor strengths and weaknesses. Market segmentation studies and customer needs assessments that used to be done one-time and then put on a shelf can now be built into pervasive on-line reporting to compare company performance versus customer expectations.

Unlock the Value of CX Thought Leadership eBook

If you’re a customer experience enthusiast you’ve come to the right place. We recently published the book, Unlock the Value of CX, which addresses the value a great customer experience can have and how to deliver customer experience the right way to accelerate insights, results, and value. This book touches on proven best practices and still-emerging solutions in the space. We are in a revolution that will dramatically improve business decision making forever. A collection of CX best practices designed to unlock the value of any CX program, at any stage of maturity, and in any industry. You will find industry ideas and best practices from 26 of the industry’s experts and thought leaders. As you look for programs that drive higher business impact through better CX strategy and program design, broader customer data collection, and faster insights and action.

If you’d like to read the latest thought leadership in the CX industry, download the free eBook now, Unlock the Value of CX! For your convenience, we’ll also be posting individual chapters from the book serially in CX Café along with other thought leadership and best practices blogs from CX experts.