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Things to Think About When Setting Up a Behavioral-Science Team—or Nudge Unit

MaritzCX Behavioral Science Team Members Contribute to McKinsey Report

A recent McKinsey report featured our very own Chief Behavioral Officer, Charlotte Blank, and Zarak Khan, Behavioral Innovation Director from Maritz, who contributed their insights and expertise along with twelve other experts.

Since the 1950’s, behavioral scientists have combined economics and psychology to study human behavior in business models; effectively introducing solutions that influence consumers and employees from their research. When solutions are put into effect, it’s called “nudging.”

Today, more innovative companies are starting to implement these behavioral/nudging teams. The article states that behavioral science is being used to improve customer and employee behavior and well-being. Learn how “nudging” can positively influence the way you do business.

Read the McKinsey report “Lessons from the front line of corporate nudging.