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The Voice of Employee (VoE) is Vital to the Customer Experience

There has been a struggle for companies to connect the dots between employee engagement and customer experience. The bottom line is that employees are the driving force of business success, and their insights improve not only the customer’s journey, but the overall employee experience as well.

Hear from Jason Macedonia, MaritzCX Senior Director of Employee Engagement Services, as he explains the many ways that employee engagement programs drive organizational benefits to improve the customer experience.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Voice of Employee (VoE) measurement is so important to customer experience
  • What the Service Profit Chain reveals about the employee/customer relationship
  • Insight into the MaritzCX CXEvolution Study and the correlation between CX scores and employee engagement
  • How to develop an AgileEX Strategy
  • How to bridge the gap with Employees and improve their experience

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