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CXEvolution: The Two Numbers Every CX Professional Should Know

Every time I meet with a client to discuss their CX programme I keep in mind two critical numbers.  These are the two numbers that make sure we are doing our jobs properly and ensure we make every effort to make the right decisions to improve the experiences of our customers.


Organisations spend a great deal of time, energy and money putting in place innovations, strategies and practices to improve CX.  So these two numbers are my mental check, to challenge each organisation I meet, to think carefully about not simply what could be done but what should be done.


So what are the magic numbers?


89% and 72%




Gartner research estimates that 89% of organisations will be competing mostly on the basis of customer experience in 2016. This means your organisation is not alone.  Everyone else is taking on the CX challenge too.  Just as you seek to improve your CX all your competitors are trying to do the same.  The bar is constantly being raised, the goalposts are constantly being moved.



However with all that investment who is getting it right?  In the 2015 CXEvolution™ Benchmarking study, MaritzCX reports that, based on a sample of 4,300 CX professionals, 72% feel their CX programmes are not very successful at driving business results.


If aspects of your CX programme do not deliver measurable commercial outcomes you need to stop and think if you are spending your money wisely.  If your programme is growing stale or you are simply looking for the next step in the evolution of your programme you want to make sure that what you do next breaks you out of the 72% of firms that are not successful at driving business results and into the 28% that are.


But isn’t that easier said than done?

Not if you have a clear plan. To understand what you need to do next, you need to understand where you are right now and what makes most sense for your organisation to focus upon. In our experience it takes more than a sound customer feedback programme to move the needle on business results. You need to benchmark yourself across an array of core CX competencies. You need to benchmark yourself against known CX leaders to identify where you have gaps in your programme and where your specific priorities lie.  CX leaders have broken down the siloes and they have embedded consistent CX practices right across their business.


So if you have found yourself asking questions about what you should do next to evolve your CX programme, why don’t you start your plan today and benchmark your organisation against the best?


It is easy to do.  Grab a coffee and spend a few minutes to take our short assessment.  Have fun. Click here to take the assessment.