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The Benefits of Using Celebration Alerts in CX Surveys

Encouraging Customer Response by Focusing on the Positive

Recent MaritzCX studies show that voice of the customer (VoC) survey respondents who are prompted to share a positive or “celebration” comment during the survey are 5 times more likely to provide feedback.

What’s more, in some instances, MaritzCX found over 80% of that verbatim to be complimentary of the customer’s experience.

Many customer experience tracking programs, or VoC surveys, contain hot alerts prompting the respondent to express an issue or concern they might have encountered during the sales or service process. In turn, these descriptive comments prove extremely valuable to the organizations, enabling them to quickly address the customer’s problems.

Such alerts and subsequent fixes are critical to an organization’s success, but why all the negativity? They must be doing something right.

Finding Cause for Celebration

MaritzCX led customers into their happy place by inserting celebration prompts into 2, recent CX-dealer surveys conducted for a major automobile manufacturer. The results were reason to celebrate.

Yes, there were more complimentary responses generated as anticipated, but researchers identified another exciting trend when comparing negative-prompt and positive prompt surveys.

MaritzCX found that negative prompts resulted in only about 6% of the respondents providing feedback; however, celebration prompts resulted in as much as 33% of survey-takers offering comments.

Subsequently, researchers were doubly happy to conclude that surveys prompting positive comments can provide up to 5 times the feedback of surveys prompting only negative prompts.

In the MaritzCX studies, the incidence of responses containing any comment in the questionnaire reached a high of 38%. And, of the 38% providing feedback, 86% of those comments were positive (33% of total respondents). Given this, excluding a celebration prompt would potentially ignore almost 9-in-10 complimentary comments from respondents.

A Closer Look at Customer Happiness

The charts below offer a visual of results from the celebration prompted CX dealership study that entailed surveying both sales and service customers. The pie charts depict the response percentage, and of that number, both positive and negative response percentages.

As shown, sales questionnaire respondents are, overall, more likely to leave comments than those in service (38% vs. 22%), and among the comments provided, the majority are positive — 86% for sales and 70% for service.

The high incidence of celebration feedback is a key reason MaritzCX suggests implementing celebration prompts along with traditional hot alerts and prompts.

Benefits of Celebration Prompts

There are many benefits to implementing celebration prompts into your surveys. Some of which include:

  • Providing details about positive experiences that allow companies and staff to know exactly what they should continue focusing on to provide a positive experience, as opposed to only what needs to be improved.
  • Retrieving feedback that otherwise may not occur for some dealers, especially among top performing branches, locations, or dealerships where without the positive prompts, they may only receive negative feedback. Providing positive comments helps dealership staff identify what they did that had a positive impact on the customer’s experience so they can continue leveraging that aspect.
  • The potential to recognize specific employees who do an outstanding job or provided a positive experience to a customer. Celebratory prompts provide recognition that otherwise may not occur.

Improving Employee Performance, Processes, and Action Plans

At MaritzCX we believe in helping our customers get the most out of their surveys and customer experience programs. Working with our clients and doing additional research about this topic has ensured that our customers are learning from both the positive and negative comments gathered from their surveys and customer experience (CX) programs.

All customer feedback can be useful in developing action plans, whether it is to improve aspects of the experience, or reinforce aspects of the experience to ensure positive performance is maintained and remains consistent across the brand.