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Singing the Anthem and Flying the Flag of CX

In two days it will be the fourth of July. During this time, people all across America gather with their families and display their patriotism by putting up an American flag. It’s also a time to renew our loyalty and commitment to the values we espouse as a country.

Being Advocates for Customer Like Country

One of the ways we show our loyalty for our country is by displaying the American flag. It’s a sign to those around us that we respect our country and are grateful for those that have gone before us in order to make the lives we live possible. There are many times during the year when the national anthem is sung, and Pledge of Allegiance recited, but none is more poignant than when on the fourth of July. Our national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” strikes pride into the hearts of those who hear. It’s a reminder to always have the flag flying over, “the home of the free and the land of the brave.”

This is a reminder that we should always stay true to our country and be an advocate for it. Both of these things, the national anthem as well as the Pledge of Allegiance, combine to remind us not to be “sunshine patriots”, but to advocate for our country at all times, even when it may be hard.

Likewise, as customer experience professionals, we should advocate for our customers at all times, stay true to them, not just when it’s easy. As customer experience professionals, we need to be valiant in advocating for the customer.

  • If there is a customer complaint make sure they are taken care of immediately and if it was because of a broken process or policy—work to change it
  • Integrating a CX program into your organization to better hear, and advocate for the customer
  • Gaining the support of the C-suite to ensure customers are at the forefront of the business strategy and culture
  • Implementing feedback from a survey, taking what they are saying and showing customers you care—strong efforts are crucial
  • Positioning your employees to take action and be compassionate towards your customers

Do you pledge yourself to the customer or keep the customer “anthem” in your mind every day? When roadblocks present themselves—as they naturally will—do you overcome them by finding creative ways to put the customer first and be their advocate at all times? Do you give your customers every opportunity to sing your company’s “anthem” or pledge their allegiance to you? Do they swell with pride when they see your logo or think of working with you?

This fourth of July, whether you are enjoying parades, fireworks, waving flags, singing anthems, or in another part of the world with your own loyalty and commitment to your country that you can draw from, take a moment to pause and think. Are you your customers’ biggest advocate? If your truth is being focused on your customers, and advocating for them when it is easy, and when it is hard, they will know it and they will feel your loyalty and commitment.

There are many different examples, inspiration and guiding principles around us every day that we can draw upon.  You just need to slow down, take a moment—and think of the feeling you have on the 4thof July, or your country’s celebration and apply those admirations, loyalties, and commitment to driving a customer first culture and passionately singing the anthem of CX.