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Are You Ready For The Digital Transformation?

What is Digital TransformationWhere do your organization’s digital efforts stand? Are you doing all you can to differentiate yourself from your competitors? Are you truly positioned to innovate within your industry?

Digital Transformation has become one of the technology industry’s most popular and frequently discussed topics. And like the significant industry trends that came before it, discussions around Digital Transformation tend to shift depending on who you’re talking to and what their perspective is.

Here is a sneak peek of “Embracing CX Transformation in the Digital Age” and “Embracing the Full Impact and Potential of Digital Transformation,” two complementary thought leadership papers from MaritzCX and Protiviti that will make their debut January 2018…

“Technology Is Transforming the CX Landscape. Are You Ready?

As technology is actively transforming every aspect of modern businesses, how does Digital Transformation relate specifically to Customer Experience (CX) and Voice of Customer (VoC) programs? What are the main benefits of digital leadership in the CX world? And what does effective Digital Transformation look like in the CX space?

Finding good answers to these questions should be a top priority for every organization, because today nearly every customer journey includes an incredibly complex mix of interactions across an ever-expanding variety of traditional and digital touchpoints.

These factors have combined to create a new CX dynamic where customer expectations are higher and more fluid than they have ever been. Your customers simply expect all the traditional and digital elements of your business to work flawlessly together as part of a single unified experience. They assume you will adopt the latest new technology and social trends the moment they become popular. And if you don’t, the competition is never more than a click away.

Charting Your Course toward Digital Leadership

All too often, the answers to the questions posed at the beginning of this article vary.  However, there are objective, credible, and proven approaches to digital transformation that make lasting digital leadership an achievable goal for any organization. The first step involves the fundamental recognition that digital transformation is a continual journey with countless, inevitable twists and turns—not a one-time undertaking with a set destination. Any successful digital transformation must start with a flexible, agile approach that puts the customer at the center, and is inherently designed to adapt and evolve as new digital trends and technologies emerge.

Next, your digital transformation strategy must be grounded in a clear, complete, and objective understanding of where your organization stands on the larger digital maturity curve. Typically, these insights come through a thorough assessment that provides an accurate view of how your organization stacks up to peers and competitors in your industry. This exercise also provides an essential starting point for your digital transformation efforts by providing an accurate baseline for measuring progress and a strong foundation from which to build a road map to drive the organization up the maturity curve toward digital leadership and a truly differentiated position in the marketplace.

‘Companies that have undergone digital transformation are 26% more profitable than average industry competitors.’
–MIT Center for Digital Business”

Want more? Find the answers to these questions and get more valuable insight to the Digital Transformation movement when these papers become available in January. Stay tuned…