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Optimize NPS Questions Across Any Device

Our most recent metrics indicate that more than one fourth of respondents take surveys on mobile devices these days! To get accurate results, it is necessary to optimize content for mobile use.


Check out this step-by-step guide on a few ways to create an optimized experience for a Net Promoter Score® question across any device.


Step 1: Configure a table question

  • Add a table question and type in your table description.
  • Now add a single question row and hide the question column


  • Select “Button” for the Answer Type.
  • Add your answers. Remember to add numeric values for accurate reporting!
  • Add header labels. These are displayed above the table as an indicator to the respondent.


Step 2: Use additional styling

There are several additional styles that are available. Use the CSS class setting to configure a different appearance for the buttons.


The example above will render a rounded button, like this:


Replace CSS Class in the example above with “single-button” to attain this format.


Or alternatively use change CSS Class to “buttonTable” to attain this format.