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Operationalizing CX Part 2: Inner-and Outer-Loop Actionability

MaritzCX is excited to deliver the  second part of our Ask the Experts webinar series on Operationalizing CX. (View the first webinar here).

Join Jen Rubin, Senior Director of Solutions Strategy for Diversified Industries, and Jennifer Passini, Senior Director of Solutions Strategy for Financial Services, as they  follow-up on best practices and examples of inner- and outer-loop action-ability. See case studies that show how organizations are successfully taking action with the VoC they are collecting, and learn how to systemically support a continuous improvement process within CX programs.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Insight from CX experts
  • Best practices from real case studies
  • That you’re not the only one with questions about using VoC results

Sync up with the Experts, and hear answers to your questions. Click here to view the webinar now.