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Maritz’s First Chief Behavioral Officer is Building on ‘Nudges’

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Researchers have discovered that consumers make different choices when they choose via different means.

For instance, people ordering food through a tablet or by writing it down tend to make healthier choices. When they order verbally, they more often choose higher-calorie dishes.

When selecting accessories for a car by swiping choices on a tablet, customers generally pick more items that can be considered luxurious than they do when clicking choices with a mouse on a computer.

Whatever the reasons behind these behaviors, knowing how people respond in different situations can impact how sales and other choices are designed. And it’s the reason why sales and marketing services firm Maritz recently appointed its first Chief Behavioral Officer, Charlotte Blank.

MaritzCX is a market research firm that gathers feedback from customers — and conducts custom research — to design better experiences. Maritz Global Events manages corporate meetings and events, and incentive travel. And Maritz Motivation Solutions provides ways to motivate people, such as sales incentive programs (used by auto dealers), consumer loyalty and employee engagement via its CultureNext offering.

All of Maritz’ business units relate in some way to influencing positive behavior, so research on how customer choices differ by the means they are made can impact the bottom line.

As can, for instance, the principle of Operational Transparency. Blank noted that brands often assume it’s best to “keep everything behind the curtain” and not confuse the customer or would-be customer with many transactional details.

But, she said, behavioral research has shown that some transactional details increase user trust. For instance, booking a trip on a travel site. Users rate the experience higher when they can see all the airlines being considered while the best prices/trip length are being processed.

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