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Maritz Research and the 2015 AMA Gold Top 50

When MaritzCX was formed from the merger of Allegiance Software and Maritz Research, it aimed to provide two things: (1) personalized data for each client company, and (2) general market research to help the companies understand the market context of the data they collected.

The research expertise of Maritz Research brings credibility and value to MaritzCX. This month, MaritzCX was recognized in the American Marketing Association’s 2015 AMA Gold Top 50 Report, compiled by the AMA and the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO).

The report surveyed 192 U.S.-based, for-profit research businesses and highlighted the top 50 organizations. Together, the 192 companies earned total revenue of $21,858.1 million globally. The top 50 businesses earned 93% of total U.S. market research revenues, and 54.7% of total worldwide revenue.

MaritzCX moved in the standings from 14th place in the 2014 Report to 12th place in 2015.

Since before the inception of customer experience (CX) programs, market research has provided key insights about what customers and stakeholders want. As CX management has become an important part of successful companies’ business strategies, market research has become more valuable than ever.

Market research bridges the gap between company-specific customer data and its application within the marketplace. Companies need to understand their customers in order to find success in a global economy with endless options, and so market research has become a critical factor in the business world.