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Maritz Research 2014 Game Day Survey

Ready to take the Maritz Research Game Day Survey?  Click here. Don’t know football? It doesn’t matter. Not athletic? You don’t need to be. Our survey lets you play along with Seattle and Denver as they take the field this Sunday, and all you need to do is take your best guess.

On the website Bovada there are more than 500 prop bets on not only the outcome of the game, but weather conditions, the length of the national anthem, comments the announcers may make, who will win the coin toss, even what happens during halftime. Our game lets you play along too, but there’s no risk of injury and no risk of losing money (no chance of winning any either), just good old fun. Play it with your friends and there could be bragging rights if your predictions prove to be better than others.

What do you expect from a company that designs surveys? Our programmers happen to be football fans too so the Game Day Survey is a no brainer. Check back next week for our recap blog to see how well our players (that means–all of  you) were able to predict what happened. Will it snow during the game? Will there be a black out? Print your results and check your progress during the game. Good luck!