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Linkage Analysis: Connecting Voice of the Customer (VoC) to Positive Business Outcomes (ROI)

In today’s industry, there’s a constant demand for corporations to deliver a positive ROI (Return of Investment) from their business initiatives. There are many challenges when it comes to investing money into solutions, and it can be difficult to determine where efforts would be best met.

Sometimes, just the very thought of taking a risk to try something new will scare managers away. And unfortunately, the loss of active interest or funding into customer experience initiatives and programs may ultimately jeopardize the important connection with the VoC (Voice of the Customers).

To keep up with today’s fast paced market, innovative companies who stay connected with their customer and handle their feedback correctly will set themselves apart from the rest achieve a positive company image and a positive ROI.

Join MaritzCX senior analysts and industry-leading marketing scientists, Joseph White and Juraj Kavecansky, in this webinar to learn how CX practitioners can effectively make their VoC ROI case by using linkage analysis. Joseph and Juraj will share industry-leading best practices, personal expertise, and real-world case studies that shows how linkage analysis proves VoC ROI and improves an organization’s culture and bottom line.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Implement linkage analysis into your program
  • Overcome common VoC & ROI challenges
  • Connect CX initiatives to business outcomes using linkage analysis
  • Understand how to generate statistical proof to support your VoC program

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