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Harnessing Digital CX Opportunities

Digitalization is transforming businesses throughout the world and customer experience is a key component.  According to SAP’s recent Digital Transformation Executive Survey, 84 percent of companies globally believe digital transformation is important or critically important to their survival in the next five years. The top 100 are 58 percent more likely to cite customer empowerment as a key global trend. Customers are more emboldened than ever with endless resources and information at their fingertips, optimizing their experience through a digital means can deliver real benefits to the organization.

Organizations need to develop strategies that can respond and adapt to the rapidly changing digital world.  With continuous market disruptions, organizations must explore and create new, innovative ways to engage with customers and exceed new expectations. Providing a standard product or service is no longer good enough and organizations that don’t embrace digital opportunities will suffer.

So how does an organization know whether they are equipped to handle the wave of digital disruption which is upon us? Where do we even begin to understand whether we are keeping our customers engaged and loyal to our brand?

Join us on Tuesday, September 26 for “What Makes an Organization a Customer Experience Leader in the Digital Age?” webinar where we’ll discuss:

  • When an organization has truly embraced the digital landscape
  • What makes an organization a customer experience leader in the digital age
  • Ways organizations can define the “Voice of the Customer”
  • What a customer experience assessment really means

An organization is not truly digital until they have transformed the way they approach:

  • Customer engagement: Establishing new ways to build relationship with customers
  • Digitalizing products and services: Launching new products and business models
  • Better informed decisions: Using readily available data for timely and effective decision making. Process analytic tools are also a large component
  • Operational performance: Using technology such as robotics and Al

Be a part of the conversation as our experts talk about the digital revolution transforming your customers’ experiences.

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