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Get to Know Bruce Arnett: The CTO at MaritzCX

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“Skill, ethics, and a purpose-driven outlook is what makes a great team deliver compelling customer experience and drives exceptional business performance.” — Bruce Arnett, CTO, MaritzCX


Being a People Leader

Bruce has over 20 years of experience in the software engineering domain and has all the qualities it takes to be a successful leader in software development. As CTO at MaritzCX, he offers creative solutions to complex technical, process, and personnel problems. Prior to his current position, Bruce served as Vice President-Engineering at MaritzCX and headed the core platform engineering team. Prior to this, he was Director of Software Development at Vivint, responsible for managing software engineering in Finance, HR, Field Services, Supply Chain, Salesforce, and DevOps. He has proven expertise in the analysis, planning, implementation, and management of primary business systems coupled with strong organizational and leadership skills.

MaritzCX’s Enterprise Customer Experience (CX) platform has earned the highest industry ranking-again! So, what’s your secret sauce?

Thank you, it’s an honor to have received the highest industry ranking. I would say our success can be attributed to our employees who work hard and continually share their knowledge and expertise; our clients who trust us with their treasured data (key operational, client, etc.) and who leverage our insights and best practices; and our drive to deliver innovative, secure and best-in-class technology and research services.

Recently, there has been an increased focus on building customer experience strategies. What has compelled businesses to focus on CX?

A few market-related factors have led to the rise of CX and Employee Experience (EX). First, customers today want and expect personalized, consistent experiences. Second, digital channels such as web, mobile devices, and social media have transformed the way customers interact with businesses, with a strong emphasis on data security, Lastly, I believe CEO’s have realized that there is a link between business performance, and CX and EX strategies. Even MaritzCX’s research shows that CX leaders are 3x’s more likely than their peers to report higher financial performance and customer retention.

MaritzCX was named the 2018 Top Workplaces Winner in Utah. Tell us about some of your unique workplace practices. 

I believe that our people are our greatest asset. You need to invest in them, support them, hear them, and treat them like humans-not cogs in a machine. This will build you the best team. At MaritzCX, we us an ‘AgileEX’ strategy that ensures our employees give continual feedback during different milestones in their career. We have regular employee conversations to discuss the big picture, while training, mentoring, and encouraging personal and professional growth.

What role do partners like Cybage play in contributing to MaritzCX’s success?

Cybage is a key partner in our company strategy as our only development outsourcing partner. They have been with us for over 11 years. They have been an excellent partner throughout many very challenging projects. I plan to grow our relationship with Cybage.

What are the key characteristics you look for while building a team?

I look for people who have a high regard for others and a strong drive to get things done. From my experience, people with these two qualities always work out. If necessary, I can get an employee more training, but it is a lot more difficult to teach someone to have a strong work ethic and to be a team player.

How do you maintain your work-life balance?

I believe in holistic fitness: mind, body, soul. My passion for physical fitness, performing arts, and live music reflect this. I have a fitness regimen that involves weight lifting and planned nutrition. I also train others looking to start their fitness journey. I live an active lifestyle with social dancing, bouldering, hiking, and skiing. I love performing arts-musicals, choir, symphony, and opera and music of all genres.

‘Rapid-Fire’ Questions:

One Phrase for Cybage? Trusted Partner.

If not in information technology, you would be: Personal Fitness Coach.

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it? Patience and Strength of a Glacier. Glaciers only move a couple of inches a year, but they cut through mountains.

Which letter of the alphabet describes you the best, and how? Y- it’s a letter, but also a valuable question, one we should be asking ourselves to expand our knowledge.

Most memorable event? The day I met the actor John Stamos in person at the Sundance outdoor theater in Utah to see the musical, The Wizard of Oz. John was sitting next to me. When the munchkins came on stage, John grabbed my leg and started rocking back and forth in an anxiety attack. I patted his back and tried to comfort him. I found out later that he has a phobia of little people. John and I are tight now. I’m still waiting for that Christmas party invite. It’s only been four years. I’m sure it just keeps getting lost in the mail.

Message for Young Cybagians:

Be a Hard Worker: Be excellent in your role. Hold yourself to your own high standard. Think to yourself, “Even if no one knows that I chose the more difficult but better path, that is OK, because I know, and that’s what matters most.”

Be a Team Player: Care about your stakeholders, team members, and others who may be affected by your role. No one succeeds alone.

Continually Grow and Develop: Develop new job skills. Improve your interpersonal and leadership skills. This is especially important in the technology industry.