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Five Things to Do on CX Day

Shouldn’t every day be customer experience day?

Well, yes, but even the most customer-centric companies need fresh ways to turn their good intentions into customer happiness and sustainable growth. To help solve this problem, the CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association) has dedicated a day to spread innovative approaches to customer experience across the world.

So how does one celebrate CX Day? We have a few suggestions.

1. Attend a CX Day local networking event. They’re happening all around you. You may have never noticed, but customer experience practitioners have probably been gathering every year at a venue near you for networking and professional development. This year, find an event and join in the fun. 

2. Join MaritzCX for our first-ever CX Café Hangout. We decided to host a discussion on CX Day about a topic we’re passionate about—the future of CX tech. Join Justin Thompson and Michelle Roseman-Turner for the hangout at 1:00pm ET.

3. Nominate a Customer Hero at your company. Who do you know that’s always going the extra mile for customers? CX Day is a great opportunity to recognize the people in your company that make customers’ lives better everyday. But with less than a week to go, don’t fret if you can’t put together a super-planned recognition system. Start this year by leaving a stack of notes in the break room and encourage your team to have fun recognizing each other.  

4. Share your customer value statement on Twitter.  This is a great exercise for any employee at any company. Take some time to think about how you (not your company or your department—you) specifically improve your customers’ experience. Articulate the value you create for customers and share it with the world using #CXDay.

5. Spend some time with the original dynamic duo. Jeanne Bliss and Bruce Temkin founded the CXPA together in 2011 and have each done a lot to increase the visibility of customer experience practitioners throughout the world.  Join them for a webinar at 11:00am ET where they discuss key trends in customer experience. 

Still looking for more ideas? Check out the CX Day website for many more.