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Expert Insights: Using Behavioural Science ‘Nudges’ to Deliver Elegant and Effective CX

Optimizing the Customer Experience with Brain Science

All humans, including your customers, use mental shortcuts and behavioural biases automatically. It’s important to understand fundamental behavioural science cues to optimise the customer experience.

Jez Cowry, Chief Choice Architect of Cowry Consulting, talked CXForum delegates through a series of practical ‘nudges’ that can be applied to your CX programme through a series of practical examples. Examples we want to share with you today in this blog post. 

Aegon Used Nudging Theory to Encourage Desired UX

An example of a transformed CX programme is Aegon, a business for life insurance, pensions and asset management.

One of Aegon’s unique differentiators is that customers can log in to a dashboard to see their pension and assets in one place. When it was first set up the language on site was technical and cognitively overwhelming, and customers seemed to feel that they needed to speak to a representative to understand their insurance options instead of feeling empowered to independently navigate the information online.

To relieve the burden to the contact centres, Cowry Consulting suggested language changes on-site that would support the cognitive capacity of humans.  

Solution: Re-framing the Language On-site to Encourage User Autonomy

Using behavioural science theories, such as chunking, frame dependence and authority bias, Cowry advised visualising the three user options into a simple list.

By visualising information in a way that leverages “primacy effect” and “recency effect,” the customer experience was immediately improved, and the new language ethically encouraged desired user behaviours.  

Results Showed Improved ROI

After implementing nudges, the business saw an increase in NPS from +17, to +32 in just 5 weeks. That’s a 15 point increase seen in only a little over a month!

Behavioural may not seem an exact science because you’re dealing with people, and it isn’t ‘magic’ in the sense that you can wave a magic wand and get a business transformation, but if you do just enough of these nudges, your business can expect significant results to the customer outcome.

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