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Expert Insights: The CX of Everyday Things

Little Things Make a Big Impact on CX

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference in customer experience.

Dave Fish, CEO of CuriosityCX, outlined a series of 3 “little” things that make a big impact on CX:

1. Words Matter  

The words you curate to connect with your customer can be the make or break when it comes to successful branding. 

Take the example of “Dear Customer” – this language choice shows that your business didn’t take the time to figure out your customer’s name and personalise the experience.  

Furthermore, certain words can have an undesired effect on the human brain.

For example, humans like the word “gains” not “losses,” so your business must choose words with positive sentiment to connect with customers. 

2. Experience Design

User experience is in the epicentre of customer experience. 

Experiences are invaluable when it comes to connecting with customers and the “unboxing” experience is one of the most important experiences to punctuate within the customer journey.

Examples of companies who have the unboxing experience down to a tee are Apple and Stitch Fix.  

Take simplification cues from brands like Harry’s Razors when evaluating your branding strategy.  

3. Less is More

Customisation can set your brand apart. 

Companies like Dove and Coca-Cola are leaning into the hyper-personalisation trend from an FMCG perspective, and we know this has had a positive impact to brand sentiment.

Ask yourself, where are the opportunities to personalise the experience for your customers?